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Poke the Bear

Oct 7, 2022

Poke The Bear with Conor Ryan Ep. 116

Biggest Questions and X-Factors That Will Determine Bruins’ Success 

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Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal and Evan Marinofsky of New England Hockey Journal discuss the Bruins sending down Marc McLaughlin. They also give their biggest questions and x-factors that will determine the team’s success. And…should the Bruins have hopes for a Stanley Cup? 


Conor Ryan

Bruins Beat Reporter for Boston Sports Journal 


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1:00 - Did the Bruins make a mistake by sending down Marc McLaughlin? 

6:00 - Wait…didn’t the Bruins want to incorporate more young guys? 

12:00 - What will the Bruins treading water look like? 

16:00 - Brad Marchand when he returns 

21:00 - Developing a real third line 

27:00 - How much does the tandem of Swayman and Ullmark improve? 

32:00 - So…are they Cup contenders?