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Poke the Bear

Apr 29, 2022

Poke The Bear with Conor Ryan Ep. 93

How the Bruins Match Up with the Hurricanes 

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Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal and Evan Marinofsky of Turner Sports discuss the Bruins (probably) playing the Carolina Hurricanes in Round 1. They talk about how the Bruins might fare against the Hurricanes, how they match up and what the X-factors will be. They also get into the 7th Player Award. 


Conor Ryan

Bruins Beat Reporter for Boston Sports Journal 


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1:00 - Vegas will not be in this year’s postseason 

4:00 - Looks like the Bruins will play Carolina in Round 1

8:00 - Carolina’s goaltending is shaky 

13:00 - Bruins get the easier route in the Metro than in the Atlantic 

18:00 - X-factors in the series 

24:00 - Who should win the 7th Player Award?