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Poke the Bear

Nov 25, 2022

Poke The Bear with Conor Ryan Ep. 123

Patrice Bergeron Hits 1000 Points & Things Bruins Fans Should Be Thankful For 

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Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal and Evan Marinofsky of New England Hockey Journal discuss Patrice Bergeron notching his 1000th point and how he doesn’t look like a guy in his final season. Conor and Evan also tell Bruins fans what they should be thankful for. 


Conor Ryan

Bruins Beat Reporter for Boston Sports Journal 


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2:00 - Bergeron hits 1000 

7:00 - Does Bergeron look like a guy in his final season? 

10:00 - Krejci and Bergeron coming back was fun! 

14:00 - Jim Montgomery has been a smash hit 

16:00 - Shoutout to the Bruins rehab staff 

19:00 - Thankful for someone Bruins fans initially didn’t like