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Poke the Bear

Apr 8, 2022

Poke The Bear with Conor Ryan Ep. 90

Should the Bruins Prioritize Rest or Playoff Positioning? 

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Conor Ryan of Boston Sports Journal and Evan Marinofsky of Turner Sports discuss the injury bug hitting the Bruins and what they must do about it. It all boils down to one BIG question: rest or playoff positioning? They also get into Jeremy Swayman’s struggles and what the Bruins third d-pairing should be. 


Conor Ryan

Bruins Beat Reporter for Boston Sports Journal 


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2:00 - What should Johnny Beecher do after this season? 

4:00 - Bruins need to watch out for injuries 

9:00 - What matters more: rest or playoff positioning? 

12:00 - Should we be worried about Jeremy Swayman? 

16:00 - Evan’s Earth-shattering goalie idea 

20:00 - What’s the right third d-pairing?